The Pre-Birth Planning of a Spiritual Awakening

Posted by Robert Schwartz
25 November, 2013

Because I am the author of two books about how we plan our lives before we’re born, many people assume that I must know all the details of my own pre-birth plan. Although I am aware of some, there is much more to discover. I was, therefore, excited to work with Pamela Kribbe, a gifted channel, as she channeled Jeshua (Jesus), one of the greatest teachers and most loving beings ever to incarnate on our planet. At this time of year when so many celebrate Jeshua’s birth, I am delighted to share his words with you.

A ray of sunlight

‘There are a few things I’d like to say about spiritual awakening in general’, Jeshua began. ‘You [incarnate souls] usually live within a veil or cloud of ideas about what’s right and wrong, how you should live your life, and how to relate to your emotions. When awakening happens, a ray of sunlight pierces through that veil or cloud and opens you to an altogether new way of seeing things. It is a nonjudgmental, compassionate way of looking at yourself and all that goes on inside you. This is so new to most of you that to get acquainted with this perspective can be unsettling in the beginning. Spiritual awakening does not always feel good because it forces you out of your comfort zone.’

Jeshua’s words resonated strongly with me. After my awakening, many of my old ways of looking at the Universe dissolved. Although logic and linear thinking once ruled my world, I became increasingly able to make heart-based decisions, even when they seemed illogical to me. Yet, the old limited and limiting ways of thinking and doing are habitual, and to this day I continue to shed an inner attachment to them, one my egoic mind does not relinquish easily. If the old me dissolves, who will I be?

Your divine essence

‘Can you say more,’ I asked him, ‘about what it means to spiritually awaken?’

‘A spiritual awakening means that you become more aware of your soul, your greater Self, your divine essence. It means you realize there’s more to you than your physical body and your present personality. You become aware of a dimension that transcends the realm of the visible, and you feel guided by that realm.’

‘Spiritual awakenings can happen in a variety of ways. Some people just catch a glimpse of the realm of their soul in certain moments. Others experience a shift in their experience that will cause them to make lasting changes in their lives. Generally, spiritual awakening means that one lets go of many preconceived ideas. There is a knowingness that there’s more to life than can be grasped by the mind, that there’s meaning behind the seemingly arbitrary events in your life, and that there is a greater force at work in the Universe that wants to guide you to achieve peace and joyful self-expression.

‘Spiritual awakening is an ongoing process, not a one-time event’, Jeshua concluded. ‘It is a gradual merging with your soul while you are in your earthly body.’

‘Jeshua, are people today more spiritually awake than people of previous generations?’

A longing for purpose

‘Generally, yes. One might say that in this time the need for spiritual awakening is greater than ever before. This is a period of crisis. Evolution on Earth has reached a turning point. Humanity needs to make different choices if it wants to restore harmony. Many humans feel this need for change in their personal lives as a longing for purpose and meaning. They are not satisfied anymore by material wealth or worldly success alone. It may seem that a large part of humanity is still entranced by these goals; however, there is a large undercurrent now that points in another direction. Many, many people across the globe long to get in touch with their soul purpose, with their original intention for being on Earth at this time. This longing creates a new awareness in the collective consciousness of humanity.

‘One sign is the rise of the feminine energy and the slow demise of the old, aggressive type of male energy. This energy still exists on the planet, of course; however, more and more people agree that it does not represent true leadership or strength. Humanity is gradually opening to a more balanced vision of leadership and power. The integration of the female energy is vital for this [to happen]. It means the feeling centers of humans, their hearts, are opening. They feel more connected to other humans and to living beings in general. They care more for the planet. And because you live in an age in which information is easily spread across the world, there is a growing sense of the oneness and interconnectedness of humans and life in general.’

© 2013 by Robert Schwartz, author of Your Soul’s Gift & Your Soul’s Plan

by Robert Schwartz

In Your Soul s Gift Robert Schwartz looks – with the help of a team of highly skilled mediums – at people who have undergone some of life s most difficult challenges including miscarriage, abortion, caregiving, abusive relationships, incest, rape, adoption, poverty, suicide and mental illness. Schwartz brings forth great love and wisdom from the other side to explain why such experiences are planned and chosen before birth – and the deep, soul-level healing they can create.Click here to buy.

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