Crystal Resolutions

    Posted by Judy Hall
    1 January, 2014

    Crystals add power to your new year resolutions. Picking up and enhancing your vibrational intent, they support your willpower, steel your resolve and encourage you to go on until you reach your goal. Wear one constantly to remind you or keep it where you will see it often. They attract a twinflame A twinflame is your ideal partner, a true companion of the heart, totally loving, mutually supportive. No karma or negative lessons to work through, exactly what everyone wants their soulmate to be but it so rarely is (see my The Soulmate Myth which should be somewhere in your office) help you find that perfect job, fulfil your dreams, encourage your spiritual development and so much more. But! You must first ask your crystal to work with you.

    Charging your crystals

    When you purchase a crystal, it holds the energy of everyone who handled it so it needs cleansing. When you’ve worn or used it for awhile, it’ll need cleaning again. Some need daily cleansing, others weekly, if its soft and porous it will pick up negative vibes more quickly Most crystals can be cleansed under running water or left in a bowl of water for an hour or two if the sun is strong. White crystals like moonlight overnight in sunlight. Or you can use a purpose made cleanser such as Petaltone Clear2Light or Crystal Balance Crystal Cleanser. Once the crystal is cleansed it needs to be programmed. Precisely formulate your resolution. Sit quietly and hold your crystal. Focus your attention on it. State your resolution firmly and clearly and phrase it in the present tense.

    Crystals to increase your tenacity

    Agate has been used for thousands of years to support resolutions. It gives you the to go on, as does Zircon. Red Tourmaline strengthens your endurance. Say, you want a job for which you aren’t qualified or are up against several other people. Also if you have a dream that seems unattainable. I suppose Dragon’s Den is the perfect example or The. Use Agate if you need to set realistic goals. Hold the stone while you focus on exactly what it is you want, then wear it as a constant reminder. Red Calcite, Garnet, Pyrite, Alexandrite and Epidote all help you to have more willpower. Topaz, Ruby, Tiger’s Eye and Citrine all help bring your plans to fruition If you need stamina, Onyx or Oxenite support you while you attain your life purpose. Tigers Eye or Agate empower you and ensure a positive outcome If you’re putting in a cosmic Green Calcite, Topaz, Quartz or Pyrite support the request, while Calcite and Smoky Quartz help you to achieve your dreams.

    Crystals for specific resolutions

    I find love‘ Rose Quartz, Emerald, Garnet, Tugtupite. They’ve all been used for thousands of years for this purpose so are imbued with the intention already and they hold love within them or, if you’ve reached that certain age Green Aventurine or Ruby attract a more mature love.

    I find my twinflame‘ Rose Quartz, ‘twinflame’ crystal: two crystals attached side by side, can be Quartz, Danburite and other crystals; Mangano Calcite, Tugtupite [Note! A twinflame is what everyone thinks they mean when they say soulmate but a soulmate has karma attached, a twinflame does not.]

    I have more passion in my life‘ Red Jasper, Red Calcite, Carnelian or Hematite Quartz. They all contain iron which attracts passion – again traditionally used for thousands of years so imbued with that energy

    I stop smoking‘ Botswana Agate. ‘I lose weight‘ Pink Opal, Angelite, Cinnabar (use tumbled), Seraphinite, Kyanite.

    I gain weight‘ Danburite, Unakite

    I find the perfect job‘ Tigers Eye, Moss Agate or Magnesite attract the right job. Wear Jet or dark blue or black Sapphire at your interview to ensure success.

    My health improves‘ Que Sera, Quantum Quattro, Amphibole Quartz, Cathedral Quartz.

    I get fit‘ Jasper, Andradite Garnet, Onyx and Sardonyx all help build stamina.

    I am more creative‘ Tigers Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Andradite Garnet help you think out of the box.

    I have a better work-leisure balance‘ Aventurine, Turquoise, Merlinite bring about balance and support your intention. Turquoise and Merlinite are particularly good for workaholics as it helps them relax and let go.

    I speak my truth‘ Blue Lace Agate worn at the throat

    I start a successful business‘ Carnelian, Iron Pyrite, Turquoise. Black Moonstone helps you to dispel illusions (white moonstone can induce them) so it helps you to be more realistic about what you can achieve and where to put your energy. It also helps you to be more intuitive in how you approach things.

    I sort my finances out‘ Carnelian, Yellow Jade, Jet, Peridot, Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Goldstone, Malachite. Traditional abundance stones focus your mind on conserving what you have rather than letting it trickle through your fingers. But these help the flow and releases any fears about not having enough as you trust more will come as you need it.

    I’m going to have a child‘ Carnelian was used in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt for that purpose.

    I’m going to speed up my spiritual development‘ Lapis Lazuli, Celestite, Trigonic Quartz, Anandalite. Quartz amplifies your intuition and aids in seeing the future.

    I study harder and pass my exams‘ Sugilite (this stone also helps those who do not fit in. It aids autism and learning difficulties, creating mental coordination), Chalcedony.

    I make an angelic connection‘ Amphibole Quartz, Celstite, Selenite, Angelite, Lapis Lazuli

    I make new friends‘ Green Aventurine, Chrysoprase, Jade

    I find prosperity and abundance‘ Tiger’s Eye, Green Aventurine, Goldstone, Ammolite, Grossular Garent, Manifestation Quartz, Topaz, Jade

    I have inner peace‘ Rose Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst, Mangano Calcite

    I’m a success‘ Aventurine, Carnelian

    I’m sell that house and move‘ Purpurite shifts what’s stuck and stagnant, gets obstacles out of the way, motivation and also protects if you’re being held back.

    I have more joy in my life‘ Topaz, Carnelian, Fluorite.

    I stop over-indulging’  Pink Opal balances out the blood sugar cravings and emotional issues that often lie at the heart of over-eating. Serpentine can help too, especially red or Atlantasite which combines it with Stichtite, or Hematite [which helps cut out smoking too]. Amethyst has traditionally been used to overcome addictions of all kinds, but especially booze, for thousands of years and it helps to soothe the withdrawal symptoms. Sichuan Quartz helps you to switch the brain into another mode. Apatite encourages healthy eating patterns, as does Fenster Quartz.

    Generally, hematite is really good if you need to keep yourself grounded and focused during the process of giving anything up, Smoky Quartz helps you to gently detox and Rose Quartz or Mangano Calcite helps you to love yourself during the process and not be too hard on yourself.

    Judy Hall

    See Judy Hall Crystal Prosperity: Create abundance in all areas of your life, Leaping Hare Press, The Crystal Bibles vols 1 and 2 (Godsfield Press), and 101 Power Crystals: the ultimate guide to magical crystals, gems, and stones for healing and transformation (Fair Winds/Quarto)



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