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Achieving Well Being with Crystals

Personal and environmental energy enhancement is, to my mind, the single most important step you can take to keep yourself healthy, happy and whole as you develop spiritually. I’ve just updated Psychic Self-Protection to include some of the potent new crystals that have offered themselves for this work as so many people seem to be in need of help.

An ancient glamour

Glastonbury, like many spiritual centres, attracts a hotch-potch of people – from the highest to the most negative – few of whom are in charge of their own unsavoury energies. Many are spaced out and wide open to invasion and leak their toxic energy wherever they go. The town has a strong drug culture and black as well as white magic is practised on top of ancient earth energy and spiritual sites: a recipe for psychic disaster. A guy on one of my retreats unwittingly walked straight into a patch of extremely nasty energy which hit him in the heart. He literally felt as though he’d had a heart attack – and this despite my having emphasized to participants the need to be meticulous in closing down and protecting themselves before they went into town. He’d only just got into spiritual work, having had his healing capacity open up rapidly. So, he was on an accelerated learning curve. I discovered later that he thought a safe distance for his aura was several feet out from his body – never a good idea, especially in a crowded place. Fortunately, fifteen minutes with a piece of Tugtupite on his heart drew out the shaft of energy, dissolved the psychic pain and restored his well-being. In the meantime, I was able to neutralize the energy rather than sending it back out into Glastonbury where it could do more harm.

When I started teaching psychic self-protection over 45 years ago, it was to youngsters playing with a ouija board who were in danger of being overwhelmed by a mischievous spirit who caused poltergeist activity – they were using the board in a former police cell in which a communicator had died and he wanted to be noticed. Nowadays it is more likely to be alien beings trying to take over the world that cause trouble (allegedly), or so-called higher beings that are anything but. But people attracted by the excitement and glamour of the spirit world – and it’s wise to remember that in the old days glamour meant ‘spell’ – are also in need of self-protection, as are those who learn meditation, healing or consciousness expansion without being taught to close down again afterwards.

When you’re out and about psychic self-protection is probably the last thing on your mind, especially if you’re having a good time. Being happy and sharing that joy usually generates good vibes. But it’s all too easy to get psychically mugged or to be open to psychic invasion from the energies around you if you step into a ‘bad space’. This is especially so the more you raise your vibrations and expand your consciousness or bring in planetary healing energies as your boundaries can become more diffuse. A paradox I know, you are seeking to evolve and yet that evolution can leave you wide open. So what do you do?

Starting the day

Recipes for crystal protection have been found that are over 5,000 years old and the same crystals are still used today. Bloodstone, Hematite and Carnelian bracelets, for instance, were placed around the wrists of newborn babies in Mesopotamia and Egypt to ensure a long, prosperous and safe life. They protected against spells and the same combination is still very effective today.

Spending a few moments putting on crystal protection each morning makes all the difference. Whenever you have to enter a crowd of people, or if you work with troubled souls, you’ll find it beneficial to wear a crystal such as Labradorite (I wouldn’t be without it) Amber, Green Aventurine or Hematite to create an energetic interface. This interface allows you to be sensitive to what is going on without being overwhelmed by it. Black Tourmaline is extremely useful as it absorbs ill-wishing and ‘bad vibes’ whether directed at you or simply left in the environment. If you work with people it’s worth seeking out Healer’s Gold, Tantalite or Master Shamanite as they are excellent filters that also enhance your psychic sensitivity. If you’ve been unlucky enough to attract jealousy or resentment, the new Nunderite and Richterite crystals transmute negative energy into positive. But you need to ask these crystals to give you protection – and to regularly cleanse them afterwards under running water or with a proprietary crystal cleanser (I always use Petaltone Clear2Light, it’s invaluable).

Enhancing your environment

Crystals are excellent for keeping your environment energetically clean and safe. A large piece of Rose, Candle or Spirit Quartz placed in your home emanates love into your surroundings. Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz absorbs negative energies. Celestite or Angels Wing Calcite attracts protective beings such as angelic guardians as do other ethereal, light filled crystals such as Selenite, Amethyst or Aquamarine. Wear one or keep it close to surround yourself with light and to connect to your guardian angel.

Foiling the energy pirates

Taping a Green Aventurine, Jade, Fluorite or Gaspeite crystal a hand’s breadth below your left armpit foils energy pirates who, wittingly or unwittingly, vampirise your energy. Try it, it works wonders!

Crystal blessings,

Judy Hall © 2014


Please Click Here for ‘Using Crystals for Psychic Self-Protection’ by Judy Hall


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