Talk with Neale Donald Walsch Live this May in Birmingham

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15 April, 2014


Global Soul

Recently I was approached by Jacqui Land Keavney, a Cygnus member like you, full of energy and excitement at managing to secure the rare opportunity to bring Neale Donald Walsch to the UK.  I’d like to share with you her story, because, like hopefully you felt, when you read Neale Donald Walsch’s books, Jacqui found his messages touch her soul.

There is no separation. Not from each other, not from God, and not from anything that is.


Act as if you you were separate from nothing, and you heal the world.

Understand that it is about power with, not power over.

Neale Donald Walsch

Yet it wasn’t until she attended one of his online programmes that Jacqui found Neale’s profound spiritual messages transform from a mental understanding to a sense of being that it truly changed her life.

Warmest wishes,

Sam Napier

Discovering a new perspective

I first came across Conversations with God over twelve years ago, at a time in my life when the messages were so important they spoke to my soul.

And the way to control your thoughts is to change your perspective.

Precisely. Assume a different perspective and you will have a different thought about everything. In this way you will have learned to control your thought, and, in the creation of your experience, controlled thought is everything.

Some people call this constant prayer.

From that moment those words changed the way I looked at life; they ignited a light within me that made me feel safe, loved and most of all real.

It set me on a journey of discovery and so I spent many years seeking wisdom, learning, reading and attending seminars, but I got to the realisation that I was stuck in the same place and patterns. Yes I acquired much knowledge, I had made a change but felt there was still something missing. I remember it clearly in summer of 2013 I asked Got to show me what it was that I was missing and why I was not moving forward. Shortly after I joined Neale’s Living from Your Soul Programme which was my wake up call.

Through Neale’s approach of open dialogue I was able to go deeper with the core messages from his Conversations with God Series, breaking out of the intellectual learning into adopting a new perspective and way of being.

It is this transformation I want to share with you. I want to help you bridge the gap between holding the information on a mental level into becoming the wisdom at a soul level. This is where the profound change happens! Living from you soul, being and knowing who you are sets you free from self judgement. You will radiate self confidence knowing your own greatness and that You are one with God/The Divine. You will walk free from the daily drama and stories that you tell yourself and embrace the reality that life presents you with messages in each moment. The messages of which assists you in living the life you were born to live. Being in joy, balance and abundance.

Join us on Friday 16th May in Birmingham for an intimate evening and ask Neale your own question then he will share his questions with you to open up an evening of dialogue that will change your view of the world. This leads the way into the conversations that we will share together on the Saturday.

Experience The Next Level Masterclass on Saturday where Neale shares a back and forth conversation with you sharing the most important 25 Messages; that, when lived from your soul will ignite the most profound changes in how you live and experience life as you know it. You will leave this weekend event with life changing tools that could change your life forever as it has mine.

Warm smiles and gratitude,

Jacqui Land


Book before the 16th April and receive a £5 discount from the Saturday Standard ticket price quoting Cyg5 at checkout on globalsoul. Tickets selling out fast.

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