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Spirituality Without Structure: With Nimue Brown

  • In this free podcast listen to author Nimue Brown¬†speak about her latest book¬†Spirituality Without Structure.¬†

  • Many people crave a spiritual life without wanting to belong to any rigid religion with the unavoidable power structures and politics that are usually involved. This book explores how to construct your own spiritual path, and it has applications for Pagans, atheists, agnostics, heretics from any mainstream faith, and spiritual seekers of all kinds.

    In this podcast Nimue speaks about:

  • The disenchantment with conventional religion and the growing need to discover our own paths;
  • The essential difference between religion and spirituality;
  • The importance of experience over faith or belief;
  • The¬†challenges for spiritual seekers attempting to create their own way;
  • Meditation, ritual and sacred space;
  • Spirituality without certainty;
  • Creating our own meaning and mythology;
  • The importance of support networks;
  • The need for celebration and fun.

Nimue Brown writes across a number of forms and genres. With her artist husband Tom Brown, she creates graphic novel series Hopeless Maine, and is involved with the Professor Elemental comic. Nimue is a founding member of west midlands Druid Gorsedd, Bards of the Lost Forest. Nimue Brown writes on Druidry and fiction for various publishing houses. She is the author of Spirituality Without Structure. 

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