Chat Page – Letters and Poems from Cygnus Members

Posted by Vicky Hartley
1 April, 2015

It’s been some time since we last heard from our members with chat page entries and we’ve truly missed receiving them. Whilst we have been collating the information and your comments from the recent questionnaires we sent out it has become apparent that many of you wish the chat page to expand to cover more life stories, letters, pictures and feedback from the Cygnus Cafés as well as your wonderful poems. We would love to receive your contributions and invite you to send them into us or email

Here are some of the comments we received regarding how Cygnus helps most in your lives along with some suggestions, too:

Helps me feel connected when I don’t know anybody locally who is spiritually aware.Gill.

More articles on mind, body and soul/wellbeing events in the UK please (a what’s on of sorts?) and maybe a ‘meet the maker’ article on artists/therapists/practitioners or even on a willing Cygnus reader to write on what Cygnus and it’s books mean to them…? Just a few thoughts! Thank you. —Sarah.

Provides opportunities for reflection, often cheers me, gives me hope, makes me feel connected to the wonder cosmos—offers great supportive tips/stories/food for thought. —Sarah.

It helps me in that it gives new insights on subjects I hadn’t thought of before. A real inspiration for me to see different viewpoints and makes me think in a way that ‘makes me think’. Thank you.Wendy.

Just great to read the book reviews and to communicate with others travelling on the same journey with the same degree of curiosity and interest. And of course to be able to have bought and read the books you chose for all your readers at a reduced price.Sally.

It allows me to feel that I’m not alone in my journey—though it would be lovely to meet others on the same – or different path!Jane.

It is inspiring, relaxing and helps me feel part of a community that is evolving and growing together.Charmaine.

It brings to my notice books I would not otherwise know about. They are all inspiring and most months have something in the review which helps directly with the issues occurring at that time. The reviews bring a sense of ‘community’, a connection to others who also love to explore and develop the spiritual, ‘inner’ side of life. I look forward to receiving it every month with anticipation. It is the first thing I open when it arrives. I do hope you will recover and be able to publish them again in some form.Wendy.

By reminding me what is important in life when things get fraught and out of perspective; by reminding that there are many other souls who have similar views and experiences to mine; by giving me hope when the news media do their best to induce fear and uncertainty. I don’t think I could do without you now.Jill.

It helped me most when I first became interested in spiritual growth some years ago and needed to find the books which would help me. There was always at least one thing that I really needed in any book that I read. Thank you. Also the articles were just wonderful—I relished them.Liz.

Informs me of new books that I wouldn’t hear about otherwise, also keeps me in touch with the wider Spiritual community that has grown up around Cygnus. A great source of inspiration and I take delight in reading the review and just love to receive books that I order. These books have contributed to a wonderful personal library that I share with many of my friends. Both for myself and others these books have often proved life changing, life enhancing and enriching. —Pam.

It keeps me in touch with those whose opinions, views and information keep challenging me to think outside the box of traditional beliefs. An extension of this would be to actually meet and talk with those whose views and opinions I have the utmost respect for. —Anthony.

It keeps me in touch with all kinds of thinking in the spiritual way and has opened my eyes to so much that I would, otherwise, have been unaware of. It has led a friend and me into explorations through your books, that have been valuable to us.Sue.

I take the time to think about what is truly important in life and it is interesting to read about others’ experiences and perspectives on life.Sheila.

It was through a fellow Cygnus reader that I discovered a wonderful resource that I’d like to share with everyone else. It’s called Silent Unity and it’s a non-denominational prayer line. It gives you such hope and wonderful results, too. So if you are looking for healing or know someone in trouble do visit

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