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    Posted by Louisa Mills
    1 April, 2015

    Geoff Napier — Becoming a Community
    Maggy Whitehouse — Finding Soul Companions
    Rose Elliot — Moving On
    Shann Nix Jones — Lessons from the Farm
    Ayman Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle — Sacred Commerce
    Roger H. Moller — EMR – A Beginner’s Guide
    Jonathan Black — The Supernatural Power of Dreams
    Maria Reece — Getting To The Root of The Matter

    Your first issue of the new Cygnus Community Magazine is ready for you on the Cygnus website, along with exciting new books and products. Those of you who are Supporters will also receive your printed copy this week, if you’ve not already got it. The Cygnus team are curious to know how you like the new direction the magazine, and the Cygnus Community, has taken.

    A community-led direction

    The only way forward for Cygnus is shoulder to shoulder with you. As I said in my last email, it’s us Cygnus Supporters who keep the magazine in print and who hold this community of like-minded friends together. So, from here on the magazine will reflect how greatly valued we are by sharing our real life experiences and wisdom.

    Indeed, many of the articles in this issue have been written by Cygnus members. First up is Cygnus’ new assistant editor Maggy Whitehouse – an independent Minister, stand-up comedian and author – with her relatable and often humorous article about her memories of setting out on the path of spiritual living. I love that she addressed the significance of community and that she quoted other Cygnus members in the true spirit of inclusion. What she said about hairy legs made me laugh out loud, too.

    Still got all the good stuff

    Don’t worry – if you liked the magazine the way it was, not too much has changed.


    The Cygnus Community Magazine will still introduce us to select new titles from the Mind, Body, Spirit world as well as letting us in on those little known timeless gems that might otherwise pass us by. If you’ve discovered any hidden books of wisdom please let us know about them so we can share your findings with the rest of the community.

    Just to whet your appetite, ‘Sacred Commerce’ (as featured in the new issue) tells tales of the merchant priests of ancient Egypt and how they laid the foundations for a time when Global Citizens the world over would come together to co-create a new world, a new humanity and a new spiritual approach to business. Epic stuff, right?

    Cygnus continue working hard to let us know about important, breakthrough titles that can help us take control of our health. This issue includes a newly revised edition of the bestseller ‘You Can Conquer Cancer’ with new sections on self-help and the latest medical and holistic knowledge. This vital read is just as suitable for the person who is newly diagnosed and new to holistic approaches as it is to the long-term cancer sufferer who has already tried many alternatives.

    And let’s not forget the music. Anima is one of Cygnus’ great discoveries; I was so glad when they introduced me to these spiritually attuned musicians. I find that Anima’s music never fails to soothe, balance and connect me to a higher, loving presence. Also, if you’ve trouble sleeping or settling into a meditation, I can vouch for Anima doing the trick every time. Please click on this link if you’d like to hear some of their healing sounds.


    Yep, all that is still there. Take a look at the links listed at the beginning of this email to enjoy an online read of the features from this issue; I was completely engrossed in them myself, before writing you this.


    Of course there’s still a chat page! This is where community involvement started for Cygnus, years ago – somewhere we can read each others letters, poetry and contemplations. Cygnus Cafe Meetings are a kind of off-the-page extension of this, except with tea, biscuits and heart-to-heart, in person, conversations. I hope to see you at the first Taff Ely Cafe group at the Trattoria in Pontypridd, on Thursday 30th April. You can find details of that here, along with all the other Cygnus meetups happening across the UK. I look forward to meeting some of you over a cuppa soon!

    One love,

    Louisa and the Cygnus Team

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