Give Your Soul Some Love by Ellie Blair

Posted by Ellie Blair
11 April, 2019

If you want to see a different world,

start by being a different You

Spring is here and nature is in full bloom after the long sleep of Winter. It’s now time to take stock of your Spiritual House and the condition of our Soul. Many of us welcome springtime with annual rituals like Ostara (The Spring Equinox). This is the time of year when the cycle of life, death, and rebirth is complete. A perfect time for Soul Cleansing. We often feel the strong urge to freshen up and make changes in our living environment, and while this is very important, you may also want to give consideration to the Spring cleaning and rebirth of the Soul.  The soul is the self, the “I” that inhabits the body and acts through it. Without the soul, the body is like a light bulb without electricity. With the introduction of the soul, the body acquires life, sight and hearing, thought, and speech, intelligence and emotions, will and desire, personality and identity. People talk about the soul much more than they used to, and books extolling the care of the soul have become amazingly popular. When we take the time to look deeply into our “Self” and start to sort through the clutter, we begin to climb our way back to the surface. Here are some ways for you to cleanse/re-birth your soul this Spring:

Social Media Detox

Remember what life was like before we collectively decided to live it online? It seems like it was much more peaceful. Now, it’s nearly constant and it involves everyone you meet, both casual and close. You see everything from people’s vacation pictures, hiking excursions, and family portraits, to date nights, workout videos, and even meals. All of these images seem to serve as a reminder of how everyone else is doing better than you. It can become overwhelming and over time it can wear you down. That is why it is healthy to periodically unplug. Perhaps remove the apps from your phones or smart devices for a while. Determine a set amount of time that you plan to detox from social media and then start to quiet some of the voices that had become louder than your own.


Another great way to release what is in your soul is through journaling. There is great value in writing a few pages a day of free association. If you are new to journaling, just start in the morning with your waking thoughts and feelings. Maybe there are worries in your heart that can turn into prayers. Then, follow the same process before you go to sleep. Even if it is just a few sentences to recap your day or to offer gratitude for what took place, spend some time in reflection. Write out your dreams. Write out even the simplest details of an encounter that stuck with you. Make a habit of identifying and expressing what you feel. A healthy way to do that is through writing. This is a very positive action in re-charging and rebirthing your soul.

Go Outside

There is absolutely nothing like getting out into nature for the revival of the soul. There is something so calming about getting fresh air and sunshine. It is almost as if the outdoors instantly slows your breathing and your heart rate and clears your mind. Plus, it can be difficult to hold onto worries when you focus on something larger than yourself. When you consider that the same One who created everything you see also created and cares for you, it shifts your perspective and settles your heart a bit.

Be Mindful

A beautiful way to rebirth your soul is through regular mindfulness practice. Mindfulness has become a popular term. It is really just the practice of being in the moment. So often, ruminating thoughts keep us stuck in the past and worry thoughts keeps us concerned the future. Mindfulness harnesses the mind and trains it to attend to the here and now. It could be as simple as focusing on your breath. It might be the use of guided imagery. It could even be fully entering into the experience of mundane tasks such as washing the dishes or folding laundry. As the saying goes, “Wherever you are, be all there.” In doing so, you train your soul to be calm and aware of what is right now, and not simply running wild in the chaos of the moment. Mind renewal does not just happen though. You must intentionally pursue it.

This Spring become born again!  Make a total shift.  Know that you don’t know!  Surrender. Do the work you know you need to do. All of this may sound overwhelming, but it all starts with one powerful choice. If you want to see a different world, start by being a different You. Honour your soul. Let your soul be the beacon that guides you, the friend that your trust implicitly, the never ending source of all that you are, and most importantly, let your soul live through you in the light of love, gratitude, awareness, and joy. It takes new perspective to prioritise a soul cleanse and rebirth but there are plenty of tools out there to assist you on the rebirth journey.

Ellie Blair has been walking the path of spirituality for over 25 years both in her personal and working life. She is a Reiki Healer, Massage Therapist, Eastern Acupressure Facial Practitioner, Writer, and Published Author. She studied Social Psychology before entering the world of Alternative Medicine/Holistic Healing and Wellbeing. This opened the doors to what she regards as her “Life’s Journey”. She lived in Taos, New Mexico for 12 years where part of that incredible time was spent working at the World Heritage Native American Taos Pueblo with the Tiwa Tribal people. She has written a book titled Feel Your Heart and Follow Your Feet-A New Mexico Journey about her expansive life and experiences in New Mexico. She aspires to using her healing gifts and writing skills at every opportunity for the Spiritual growth and wellbeing of others. She continues on her path of growth and gratitude, working always from a place of respect and integrity. 

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