Theta Healing: The Road Map to All That Is

Posted by Cygnus Team
22 September, 2010

I was born with an inherent intuitive ability. Eventually, health problems provided the incentive I needed to concentrate on the study of naturopathic medicine, and I opened a business offering full-time massage, nutritional counselling and a naturopathic practice.

I met a psychic who suggested that I do readings for income. It was during these readings that I found that if I would listen, the voice of the Creator would give me instructions. I became quite good at the readings and was asked to do classes on the technique I was using. This was my beginning as a medical intuitive. From this time forward my metaphysical experiences increased exponentially to quantify who I was to become.

Trusting intuition
Meanwhile I had developed a severe problem with my right leg. It would intermittently swell up to twice its normal size. I was diagnosed with bone cancer. I was told that I had a tumour in my right femur. The bone specialist told me that he had seen only two other cases like mine. He also informed me that he felt amputation might be my best option. This, he said, would give me a little more time to live.

I was in unbearable pain from the tumour. Still I went forward, continuing to see clients, not because of great courage or endurance, but because I had financial obligations and my young children needed me. But even though I was very ill, my intuitive abilities became even more accurate, as did my connection to the Creator.

I was a pitiful sight, hobbling into my office, leaning on my massage table to do massages and painfully struggling through readings. Adding to my problems, I had developed an infection in my leg. I decided that enough was enough! I was going to treat myself.

I trusted my intuition and the information I was receiving from the Creator and I began putting my knowledge of naturopathy to good use. I realized that it was vital for me to focus on aggressively cleaning out my body, but in spite of everything I was doing to help myself, I remained very sick.

My biopsy result finally came back and the result was negative for bone cancer, but revealed dead cells along with normal bone cells. I was now told that I had lymphatic cancer that had killed the cells in my femur. I knew this to be the truth and I believed mercury poisoning had caused it.How? I knew this because I had gone up and asked God (or the Creator) and had received the message that I had been poisoned by mercury.

How I was healed
I believed to the core of my being that God could heal in an instant and I continued to trust my intuition. There was just something I was missing. I had used conventional medicine, cleanses, nutrition, oils, vitamins, affirmations and visualizations, and still I was sick.

Every time I asked the Creator, I was told that I already knew the answer and that I just had to remember how to call upon God.The answer to my prayers came while I was in the mountains, when I held a gathering with some friends. My aunt from Oregon showed up unexpectedly, but had a bad stomach-ache. She lay down in a tent and I went inside to help her.

I began to do a body scan: I went out of the top of my head, through my crown chakra, and when I was in my aunt’s space I asked the Creator what was the matter with her. I was shown that it was giardia. I told it to go away and witnessed the Creator releasing the pain in her stomach. Within seconds, it had gone.

I decided it was time to do the same thing to myself. I hobbled into my office, excited at the prospect of carrying out the same procedure on my leg.

I stopped just before the door to my office and went out of my space from my crown chakra and prayed to the Creator. I then commanded a healing on myself, and it worked! My right leg, which had shrunk to three inches shorter than my left leg, returned instantly to its normal size. The pain was removed and my leg was healed.

Today my femur continues to be healthy, all test reports are normal and I am free of lymphatic cancer.

In my gratitude I made a vow to the Creator to give this technique to all those who wanted to learn it. This was the foundation of the ThetaHealing that we know and love today.

Entering the Theta state
I came to believe that I was going into the Theta state to bring about these healings. If my theory was correct, then I had a breakthrough in healing and an explanation of faith healing that could be scientifically measured.

The human mind has five different brainwaves: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta. These are constantly in motion; the brain is consistently producing waves in all of these frequencies. Everything that you do and everything you say is regulated by the frequency of your brainwaves.

A Theta state is a very deep state of relaxation, the state used in hypnosis. In Theta, the brainwaves are slowed to a frequency of four to seven cycles per second. Sages meditate for hours to reach this state, as in it they are able to access absolute calm. Theta brainwaves can be thought of as the subconscious; they govern the part of our mind that is layered between the conscious and the unconscious. They hold memories and sensations. They also govern our attitudes, beliefs and behaviour. They are always creative and inspirational and are characterized by very spiritual sensations. We believe this state allows us to act below the level of the conscious mind.

Theta is a very powerful state. An example of the use of Theta state is that of the Tibetan priests. In winter, these priests place wet towels over their shoulders. Within minutes the towels are completely dry. In ancient times the Kahunas of Hawaii accessed the Theta state to walk on hot lava.

Validation for the Theta state came when a physicist friend became interested in the work and made us an electroencephalograph. In my classes, we hooked up people from all healing modalities to the machine. We found that people who were Reiki practitioners utilized the high Alpha brainwave, a wonderful healing wave that ‘removes’ pain and relaxes the body.
We confirmed that our technique was taking us to a Theta state. Every single person was going into Theta: not only the practitioners, but the people they were working on. We believed that the healings were taking place in a state of what I call ‘God-consciousness’.

DNA activation
It was while working with a diabetic woman that I made a very interesting discovery. When I went ‘up’ and asked to see the chromosome that was causing her diabetes, in the rapture of Theta I was shown another chromosome that I was told was the chromosome of youth and vitality. Then I heard the voice of the Creator guiding me in a story of human DNA. I was told that this particular chromosome had been changed during the history of humankind’s evolution. In a time and consciousness that is now lost to us, we were able to rejuvenate our body. We lost this ability over thousands of years, and because of this, this chromosome is now incomplete. However, in this time of enlightenment we are once again ready to receive regenerated youth.
I was told that the lost keys of youth and vitality in the DNA code were going to be vital to human survival in the years to come. This was, in part, because of the poisons and toxins that we would be subjected to in the modern industrial age. I was told that as a larger degree of the population became intuitive, they would become more sensitive to the physical world, but the completion of the youth and vitality chromosome would help them survive.

I was given instruction on how to work on the chromosome and how to complete it, and I activated myself first and then my friends. In the coming days I was repeatedly shown how to change the youth and vitality chromosome until the Creator was sure that I had understood the information. This was the beginning of the DNA activation.

I have been told by the Creator that long ago, in a time before written history, our intuitive abilities were much more advanced than they are now. Over aeons, many gifts have been lost. What we know today as ThetaHealing actually began thousands of years ago. I believe that these techniques are as old as time itself. They have been used for millennia as humanity awakens from time to time, only to fall asleep once more.

The awakening
Now the long sleep is over and we are awake once again. I also believe that there is an inborn awareness in the human soul that will help us link this technique to ancient and future knowledge. In the past, genetics, energetic influences and collective consciousness issues kept us from developing to our full potential as Co-Creators with All That Is. We are now entering into a new transition of development. It is time to begin to accept our power as divine sparks of the Creator of All That Is.

When I first began to seriously conduct readings and healings, a doorway was somehow opened for me. In a way, I was a little like Alice in Wonderland when she tumbled down the rabbit hole. I began to have metaphysical experiences that increased in intensity. I have always been intuitive and have what some call ‘the sight’, but there was little to prepare me for what was to come.

My intuitive senses began to open fully as information began to flood into my mind from what I came to know as the seven planes of existence. They provided me with a conceptual medium for understanding how and why the world works on the physical and spiritual levels and how this relates to us as humans.

I learned that through the Creator of All That Is, it is possible to create physical healing, to progress spiritually and to find enlightenment. The more that I made a direct connection to the Creator of All That Is from the Seventh Plane, the clearer my perspective became of the other planes of creation that make up the whole.

Go Up to the Creator of All That Is
The Theta state of mind is obtained when you send out your consciousness to connect to the Creator through the crown chakra. Although all the chakras are used in readings, it is the crown chakra that is the most prevalent in ThetaHealing, as this is the ‘gateway’ to the Creator’s truth. It is from this place that the Creator of All That Is can perform instant healing and that you can create in all aspects of your life.

The process of going up to the Seventh Plane will unlock doors in your mind to connect you with All That Is. It seems to connect the neurons in your brain back to the point of creation. In fact, after you have truly gone to the Seventh Plane and you open your eyes you will realize that you are connected to everything and that the veil has been lifted. Remember, it is not your spirit that is going up to the Seventh Plane, only a consciousness that is created by the process.
When you go to the Seventh Plane, the perception is that you are going outside yourself, out into the universe to the far reaches of the cosmos and through a portal into creation. In a way this is true, but not the way that you might think. Inside every person there is a tiny universe that is identical to the vastness of All That Is.

So, what do we find inside ourselves? We find that inside each of us there is the Creative Force, Source and God. Infinity is inside us as well as outside. So where are you going when you go up and seek God? Where are you going when you go through the jelly-like substance? You are entering the nucleus of an atom. Each time that you connect to the Creator, you go on a journey in the inner vastness. This journey connects you to your own atoms and also brings you to the awareness of the outside universe of infinite energy and to the realization that God is in every atom.

So you go on a journey inside yourself to find the Creator-self that is inside you and outward to the cosmic consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness
Cosmic consciousness is very different from our earthly awareness. There are many perceptions that are specific aspects of this world. Many of these are purely of a human design, while others have been created following divine inspiration. It can be difficult to perceive which concepts are of this Earth, which are illusions, which are those we have created and which are divine. For instance, human collective consciousness has not yet developed sufficiently to be purely divine. It has a competitive streak running through it that is not only part of our perception but is in our very DNA. Reincarnation is another example of the many concepts that exist on planet Earth as a consciousness but not necessarily a purely divine perception.

This is why it is so important that our perceptions are as pure as possible and why we leave this earthly illusion to be with the Creator to create healing. By taking the road map out past the stars into creation we break through the earthly bounds that hold us to become a cosmic power that is not bound by the Laws of Earth.

From Theta Healing, ©2010 by Vianna Stibal, published by Hay House. Available from Cygnus Books.

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