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Happy Breathing by William Bloom

1 February, 2019 Alexandra 0

Please don’t be shocked by this question: what is the connection between poo and nirvana? Or to put it another way, what is the connection between the state of your gut and spiritual wisdom? If […]

Lessons from the goat farm

23 May, 2016 Vicky 1

In 1986 Shann Nix Jones was an ambitious journalist in San Francisco who went undercover in the high schools to do a story about the budget cuts in education—a story that Drew Barrymore later turned […]

OVERWHELMED: With Brigid Schulte

2 October, 2014 Vicky 1

In this FREE podcast listen to author Brigid Schulte speak about her book Overwhelmed: Work Love and Play When No-One Has the Time Overwhelmed: Work Love and Play When No-One Has the Time – Time pressure and […]

The Permaculture Kitchen: With Carl Legge

23 September, 2014 Vicky 2

Listen to this FREE podcast with author Carl Legge on his book The Permaculture Kitchen.  “I have a passion to help people to cook fresh, seasonal and sustainable food. It’s easier than many people think […]

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