Editorial Message – The Flower of Life

Posted by Vicky Hartley
3 August, 2011

Dear Friends,

A warm welcome to the 20th anniversary edition of the Cygnus Review. The rose on the front cover expresses for us all the joy, beauty, peace and wisdom that have carried us along, as a hidden undercurrent, through all the ups and downs of the last 20 years, and will no doubt continue to protect and guide us throughout the next 20 years and beyond.

When we look at that rose, and close our eyes, we can actually smell it, and feel cleansed by the peace it exudes. It’s not just a picture for us, and we hope you experience it in the same way – as a connecting doorway to the treasure trove that is your heart.

To celebrate this special anniversary, we asked a number of authors to tell us about the book that has been most inspirational and influential to them during the last twenty years. What effect did it have on them, how did it help them and why would they recommend it to you? We were so happy with the response, which brought about another kind of flowering: a Cygnus Review full of personal messages from the heart, none of them chosen by us, all of them combining to give you a sense of connection with a huge group of people who are all walking the same path in their own unique way. Among the authors’ suggestions, you’ll also find, as usual, our selection of new books, and some features that we hope will help you see your way forward. We’re hoping, too, that you’ll be able to help create a wave of celebration for our 20th birthday. More about that below.

With love, blessings and gratitude,
Sarah, Ann, Geoff and all at Cygnus

Join in our 20th Birthday Celebrations!

Let’s celebrate together!

Dear Friends

Rather than holding one centralised birthday event on ‘the big day’ (September 10th), we would like to encourage you, wholeheartedly, to create your own Cygnus birthday celebration, marking our achievement as part of a vast network of joy, freedom and love. So the party radiates out to you and, like this magazine grew from the small contributions of many, coming together for magnified effect, we know that we can create a vortex of abundance and love.

So, how about holding a party, a meditation, a musical evening, a healing share, a walk in the woods, a dance in the kitchen, a sandcastle build, a flashmob singalong, a mass kite-flying, a feast, prayer or ceremony – whatever you’re compelled to do – sometime around the birthday, in celebration of our Cygnus family? If you’d like to invite others to join in, you can post a message on our website: www.cygnus-books.co.uk/magazine/2011/07/cygnus-twentieth-birthday-events/ or let us know by letter, email or telephone. Just tell us what you’re going to do, when, and where and we’ll share the information on the website. We’ll do all we can to help you to be part of a celebration.

During August and September, we’ll share lots of blessings, prayers and celebration ideas on our website: www.cygnus-books.co.uk/magazine/2011/07/cygnus-twentieth-birthday-celebrations/ so that, even though we are scattered far and wide, we can all join in celebration.

We’d love to include your suggestions, too, so please send them to us. We’d also like to invite you to send a Cygnus birthday message from your heart to our members – a few words of wisdom, gathered from personal experience – or you may wish to mention how Cygnus has influenced you. You can post your message at: www.cygnus-books.co.uk/magazine/2011/07/cygnus-twentieth-birthday-messages/ or send them by letter.

We’ll start a Book Circle discussion on the website, from Monday 8th August – you’ll find details on the website and in our email newsletter that week. If you’d like to act as a coordinator/moderator, please let us know.

Love and blessings, the Cygnus Team

Our wish for abundance

Five years ago, at our birthday gathering in Lampeter, we made a wish for joy, freedom and love for all beings, and a wish that Cygnus might play a role in spreading those healing, heart-opening ‘foods’. We also wished that Cygnus might be abundant, so that it can survive and thrive as long as it is needed. Well, thanks to you, we have survived, so far – a sure sign that it is needed. Let us carry those wishes on.

The strength of Cygnus is in you, the Cygnus members – the Cygnus Review and our website form the framework by which you breathe life into the ‘whole’ that is Cygnus. So, we send out our wish that whenever possible you will support us and help us to grow. Your orders, your subscriptions, your feedback, your participation and your sharing what you have gained with and what you love about Cygnus will help us to reach more and more people, so that they, too, can find the guidance and inspiration of words of wisdom brought together.

We make our wish for abundance for our entire Cygnus family. We thank you for what you have done, and for what you will do.

A Birthday Gift

CODE: 210306 RRP: £9.99 Cygnus Special Offer: free with orders over £25

From 3rd August to 30th September, every order valued at £25 or more will include one free pack of twelve Know That You Are Lovedgreetings cards, worth £5.99. And we will also be popping some surprise gifts into orders at random.

The Cygnus Top 20 All-time Bestselling Books

  1. The Gentle Art of Blessing – Pierre Pradervand 140801 – total sold 13,225! Just imagine how many more blessings have been offered thanks to this book.
  2. The Secret – Rhonda Byrne 170103
  3. The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle 100301
  4. The Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton 160801
  5. A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle 151006
  6. Hidden Messages in Water – Masaru Emoto 140803
  7. Stillness Speaks – Eckhart Tolle 130901
  8. Conversations with God: Book 1 – Neale Donald Walsch 085064
  9. The Journey – Brandon Bays 090801
  10. Loving What Is – Byron Katie 120528
  11. Your Body’s Many Cries For Water – Dr F Batmanghelidj 090823
  12. The Cosmic Ordering Service – Barbel Mohr
  13. The Silent Stones – Diana Cooper 120605
  14. The Crystal Bible – Judy Hall 190817
  15. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Body – Chris Thomas & Diane Baker 130609
  16. Feeling Safe – William Bloom 121007
  17. Discover Atlantis – Diana Cooper & Shaaron Hutton 150912
  18. Lucid Living – Tim Freke 150713
  19. Angels in My Hair – Lorna Byrne 180506
  20. The Reconnection – Dr Eric Pearl 130734

CHAT PAGE – We need your contributions

We know that many of you may be facing difficult questions that require deep new answers, and we often hear how the Chat Page has a way of helping people right when they need it most. When you share your profound spiritual experiences, in messages from your heart, you reach across the entire Cygnus family, to uplift, support, help, reassure and inspire. So we ask: What has filled your life with joy? What rescued you from sadness or difficulty? What gift can you share with your Cygnus friends?

The writer of our ‘Star’ letter or poem will receive a £10 Cygnus Voucher. If you have an insight, experience or poem, please write it down in NOT MORE THAN 250 WORDS (or, if it is a poem, in NOT MORE THAN 24 LINES) and send it by post or email. If you send it by email, to info@cygnus-books.co.uk, please include ‘Chat Page’ in the subject line, dropping your text into the body of the email. If your contribution is published in Cygnus Review, we will send you a £5 Cygnus Voucher.

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