Tough Mind, Tough Body – Is That What You Really Want?

Posted by Barbel Mohr
30 January, 2013

This is something that I write mostly for myself. In the past, a really long time ago, basically almost in a past life of mine, to be precise, until a few months ago, this is how I lived

Just a little bit more

Everything was so exciting and constantly short of time, I would always do just this one last thing really, really quickly and then swiftly yet another one. Grant yourself just one little hour of sleep less, eat a bit more quickly and skip going for a walk, then you might just get even more done. People, however, aren’t only made up of a restless mind that is easily excitable, there’s also a body attached that needs to support everything we do. If I treat myself toughly in this, or similar ways, by not really granting myself the breaks I need to keep my inner balance, my body will become tough, too. Body, mind and soul, form an entity and each level reflects what is happening on the other two. When the body gets hard, the body cells turn, metaphorically speaking, from grapes into raisins, they dry out, there isn’t enough vital juice and energy. You can’t let go, either mentally or emotionally and this is transferred onto the body.

Losing balance

I was in it up to my neck and know that millions of people do more or less the same. If this state continues for a longer period, you will face physical, mental and emotional problems. The cells and tissues become matted and clogged; the microcirculation in the cells is impaired. The body has difficulties in sending oxygen and white blood cells into every corner of the body, which leads to pain and illnesses. The same happens to the mind. Your thoughts become matted and clog up. You are less and less able to think clearly, creatively and flexibly. Instead, your brain is stuck on repeat like a broken record and it gets increasingly hard to free yourself from automatic behaviour and unpleasant thought patterns, as they are equally stuck in their ways. With everything being connected, we can easily reverse this process from the physical level. As soon as the energy starts flowing more freely again through the body, the mind will notice the effects and feel freer as well. If we then proceed on to the mental and emotional level and start working on our self-love and inner freedom, the levels will support and speed each other up. On the physical level it is quite simple to restore tissue elasticity. It is achieved through muscle tremors, as the trembling causes clogged cells to loosen up. The trembling also re-establishes the body’s natural rhythm in which the fluids pulsate through it as normal. The so-called matrix-rhythm-therapy is a kind of ‘trembling-deep-tissue-massage’, which re-stimulates the cells’ microcirculation. You can also do it completely for free by yourself – it takes a bit longer, but is just as effective.

An exercise for you to try

Here is a trembling exercise for you to try. Others are described in The Miracle of Self-Love.

Lie down and tense your calves until they start to tremble. Then tense your body parts one by one, from bottom to top, until all your muscles tremble. Hold the tension only briefly, for as long as it’s comfortable and then relax. Important: don’t put yourself under pressure to perform. On the contrary, as after all, what we want to achieve is reduced pressure. Do the exercise with playful curiosity towards the processes in your body. How does the trembling feel? How does it feel when you let it all go and trace the effects?


Whether an exercise is effective or not doesn’t depend on the exercise itself. Instead it depends on your attitude when doing the exercise. A mantra like ‘I love myself and let go’ just won’t work for you at all, if you only reel it off. If, however, you can feel the love flow while doing the exercise and pay close attention to the way it feels when you relax more and more, it will have the desired effect. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel much at first. What counts is your genuine intention. Your soul will appreciate it and your feeling and perception will become stronger and stronger over time. Shake yourself free! Our natural state is to be happy and healthy and to love and appreciate ourselves and everybody else the way we are. Shaking relieves our body, mind and soul from ballast and thereby helps us to find this natural state.

From The Miracle of Self-Love © 2012 by Barbel Mohr and Manfred Mohr, published by Hay House.

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