Quantum Awareness

Posted by Ewald Kliegel
26 February, 2014

When we grapple with life, sooner or later we touch the basic levels of our being. These levels cannot be grasped with the mind; we can experience them only in their mysteries. Through reflecting on the spiritual roots of our existence, healers and sages have always realized that we are part of the divine and that the universe will only be whole through our own very personal contribution.

We do, however, seem to reach our limits when trying to understand human nature. Thus Max Planck concluded, approaching this question through quantum physics:

Max Planck and a long line of physicists shook up our view of the world when they started considering the nature of matter in a new light. For so long matter had been assumed to be firm and stable, but these scientists discovered that we have to view matter as aggregations of frequency fields. We can still shatter a windowpane by throwing a stone through it; however, at the level of the atomic particles, stone as well as windowpane as well as the person who has hurled the stone consist – to an incredibly large percentage – of empty space in which energies circle.

And if we look at that one-billionth of seemingly solid matter, the atom nucleus, what remains ultimately is only energy potentials, frequencies and resonances, an insight for which Carlo Rubbia received the Nobel Prize in 1984. But this truth was described 5,000 years ago by ancient Indian wise ones with the concept and phrase nada brahma: ‘The world is sound.’ This ancient tenet of Indian spirituality conveys the meaning and the knowledge that everything in the universe is based on vibrations, that the world is effectively a huge concert, in which we are all an instrument: a symphony in which the great consciousness, the all One, plays itself.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, frequencies and resonances have made for a scientific revolution in biology as well as physics. Research in molecular biology had up to that point predominantly focused on the substances, the so-called facts, but in the Seventies the study of biophotons opened a new chapter in the study of the science of life.

Through this pioneering research, we can now illuminate the inner calibration of our life functions and it becomes obvious that the organs are not simply cell aggregates that function more or less randomly. Rather, they are highly organized structures in which the cells communicate via a laser-like light in an electromagnetic field. This communication via light is one of the bridges to consciousness.

It was physicists who concluded from investigating subatomic particles that we have to concede a form of consciousness to even the tiniest structures of matter. With this insight we may finally understand the universe as an enormous field of consciousness into which we are integrated.

Then of course every organ has a presence in this field; moreover, an organ is a consciousness that is linked with everything.

Neuroscience has a different understanding of consciousness than depth psychology, and quantum physics has a completely different conception again.

According to the insights of quantum physics, the two electrons that make up the hydrogen atom, the simplest atom in existence, know of each other. A good friend and biophysicist provided a lovely explanation for this during a diverting car journey: When a group of soldiers marches and has for some reason to scatter left and right into the bushes, the individual members are still aware of each other and still perceive themselves as a unity, despite the physical dispersal.

This form of consciousness continues beyond atoms: Beyond molecules, cell systems, organs and humans, right up to us living all together on our planet – and even beyond that we are integrated into the whole universe.

‘Unpredictability distinguishes the animate being from robots. It is what makes life unique and peculiar, even though occasionally also difficult.’

From Let Your Body Speak by Ewald Kliegel © 2013, published in the UK by Findhorn.

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by Ewald Kliegel

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