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20 September, 2022 Vicky 0

Tantra is not all about sex and Living Tantra certainly isn’t all about sex. Having said that, we do use sexuality and touch as a medium to explore for a major part of our work. […]

Peace of the Soul: Colouring In Mandala

10 June, 2015 Vicky 0

  This beautiful mandala was created by Paul Heussenstamm. It appears in the book Colour Yourself Calm, written and compiled by Tiddy Rowan. The book encourages us to apply ourselves to colouring in mandalas, for […]

Living an Enlightened Life

29 April, 2015 Vicky 0

New Beginnings by Sandy Newbigging In ‘New Beginnings’, Sandy shows you how to let go of the old, embrace the new, and manifest your goals. Here’s an introduction to the first first of his ten inner teachings: […]

Cygnus Supporters Special Offer Ends Soon!!

24 March, 2015 Vicky 0

For new and current Cygnus Supporters only – big discount on entrance to Mystics and Scientists Conference 2015. Also, a note on Cygnus Community Spirit. The Scientific and Medical Network and the Cygnus Community have […]

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