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Stress is an opportunity!

28 May, 2014 Vicky 0

Time for calm, today, after the thunderstorms of last week, and the clashes of political opinions, and all right after a very intense lunar energy from the Beltaine full moon. The strain of modern life […]

Remembering your future

15 May, 2014 Vicky 0

I dedicate this blog to the future you, who is looking at you now and advising you on what to do next so that you can attract the most prosperous, happy and healthy future which, […]

The Healing Power of Beltaine

8 May, 2014 Vicky 0

Following May Day, last Thursday, you may have been experiencing a peaceful sense of acceptance and relief. Maybe a weight that you didn’t even notice you were carrying has been lifted and you suddenly feel […]