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A Message from the Heart

19 May, 2011 Vicky 0

When you write and teach about spiritual practice, one of the questions people ask is ‘What do you mean by spirituality?’ It’s a fair question to ask in today’s polyglot and confusing world, but it’s […]

The Contagious Power of Thinking

10 May, 2011 Vicky 0

I like to end some of my public talks by telling a few stories of kindness. From time to time, people tell me that a story I told touched them in some way and encouraged […]

Freeing the Butterfly

10 May, 2011 Vicky 0

Thirty years ago, I embarked on the exciting journey from voluntary counsellor to trained professional. I began my postgraduate training in clinical psychology. I had already co-founded a service for women with eating disorders, after […]

Evolution of the Archangels

10 May, 2011 Vicky 0

Stones often speak to me – they speak to everyone but few people notice. When I picked up a piece of Lilac Celestite and a voice said it was a stone of Archangel Zadkiel, I […]

Exploring the Akashic Records

5 May, 2011 Vicky 0

The universe itself has memory. It records and remembers everything that ever happened and is equipped with a dimension of consciousness that stores these memories, a dimension that is sometimes called the Akashic Records. Akasha […]