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Calling all angels!

8 October, 2014 Vicky 0

How often do you look up? I looked up properly, for the first time in a long time, while I was at Tintern Abbey recently. The sacred architecture of the medieval building was clearly designed […]

Earth Blessings: With Judy Hall

6 July, 2014 Vicky 0

In this FREE podcast listen to author Judy Hall speak about her latest book Earth Blessings. Earth Blessings – This book focuses on practical ways in which personal space can be cleared and energized, and […]

The Angels of Atlantis: With Stewart Pearce

4 June, 2014 Vicky 0

In this free podcast listen to author Stewart Pearce speak about his book The Angels of Atlantis.  Based on the teachings of the twelve archangels of Atlantis, this book reveals how to become aligned with their power and […]

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